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Monday, October 30, 2006

Sony Goes To The Mattresses (SNE)(AAPL)(TWX)

Like a mob boss trapped by federal agents in a farm house, Sony has decided it needs to go to the mattresses.

The company now admits that its Playstation3 platform and burning PC batteries recall are going to be legacy problems. Sony needs to turn elsewhere for growth.

But, by signalling which parts of the company might make up for problems with its gaming platform, Sony may be taking the risk of making promises to Wall St. that it cannot keep. For a second time.

Where is Sony pointing for relief? Its movie studio and consumer electronics businesses.

The big Japanese conglomerate is risking its growth on two notably fickle industries. Sony Pictures has done very well this year, with films like "The Da Vinci Code" , but, as studios like Warner Bros have showed recently success one year does not necessarily roll into the next.

Consumer electronics is also a tough and crowded market. IPod. Samsung. Toshiba. It's a long list.

Now that Sony has telegraphed its punches, it better deliver.

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