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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Will The European Union Sue The Car Makers?

Perhaps the EU can take a page from the Californians and sue the car makers for dangerous emissions.

Since the governor of California is from Austria, there is some symmetry to it.

The European Union announced that several car companies had not met the continent's clean air standards. While most US car makers and their affiliates made the cut, The European Federation for Transport and Environment said that many Japanese and European car companies did not. This includes Nissan, Audi, Maza, Suzuki, and BMW.

If emmission standards are moved from voluntary, where they stand now, to mandatory, there could be hell to pay. A lot of car engine systems would have to be retooled over time. And, that is not cheap.

But, with no Detroit companies on the list, chalk up one for the good guys.

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