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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Airbus Digs Itself Out (BA)

The last time anyone looked Airbus and its parent EADS were about to go down in flames. Fedex has cancelled a major order for the Airbus 380 super jumbo jet and other customers were threatening the same. The great scales of commerce were shifting in the direction of Airbus rival Boeing.

But, Airbus has finally gotten its A380 off the ground. It appears that the plan can even fly further that Howard Hugh legendary Spruce Goose, at one time the largest plane in the world.

The Airbus 380 has now flown from France to Korea without incident. Not even air sickness. Government agencies like the FAA can now certify the jet. This gets Airbus back on the road to getting the plane to customers like Singapore Airlines.

Boeing is hoping that Airbus customers who are sick of the delay will look at the newest version of the 747. And, the U.S. airframe giant may pick up a few dissatisfied customers.

Boeing is trading like a company about to get some big orders. It stock is just shy of $86, very near a 52-week high. The stock is up from $50 less than two years ago.

Boeing has had Airbus on the mat recently. But, at least the European aircraft firm is not grounded.

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