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Friday, November 17, 2006

Ghosn And Nissan Get Blackballed (DCX)(F)(GM)

Carlos Ghosn, the sell-proclaimed greatest car executive in history, is finding that linking up with a US partner for his Nissan/Renault combine has proved more difficult than he thought. Of course, Nissan is not in first place in Japan and Renault is not a major player in Europe, so perhaps Detroit is wary.

Ghosn now says that he is "not ready" to find a partner in the US. What he is not mentioning is that no one is taking. GM has turned him down. Ford seems prepared to go it alone, even if that plan leads to its demise. DaimlerChrysler does not need him. With large operations in the US and Europe, DCX is an unlikely partner.

Perhaps if Ghosn would stop watching the pot, it would eventually boil. He may have retired before that day comes.

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