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Thursday, November 02, 2006

HP: Mark Hurd's Amnesia (HPQ)

Hewlett-Packard CEO Mark Hurd cannot seem to remember anything about the board leak probe that got the company's previous chairman, Patricia Dunn, in hot water. It's not enough that the poor woman has cancer. Hurd decided to move out of the way while the bullet hit her.

Perhaps it is time to send Hurd to the dog track with a note pinned on him with his name and address. When he is done watching the hounds chase the mechanical rabbit, they can send him home on the bus.

It appears that almost everyone else at the infamous July 22, 2005 meeting about the phone records of the board remembers what happened. Hurd was napping.

Apparently, Hurd lectured employees about leaking corporate information to the media. But, that must have been a coincidence.

Hurd has more to answer for and there is no guarantee that his job is safe if it is clear that his memory loss was just a convenience.

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