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Monday, November 06, 2006

Media Digest 11/6/2006 Reuters, Wall Street Journal, New York Times

Stocks: (GM)(GOOG)

According to Reuters, GM says that its 2006 global output of vehicles will be about the same as it was in 2005. The company also expects to be the largest seller of foreign cars in China in 2006.

Reuters reports that Google will start brokering ads in 50 newspapers to see how the web search leader can extend its ad prowess into traditional media.

Reuters also writes that high definition radio will begin selling units in Circuit City. The HD Radio Alliance will air 75,000 ads a week to push the new technogy. Prices on the new radio units will drop as low as $150. The move is meant to counter sales of iPods and subsriptions to satellite radio.

The Wall Street Journal writes that GM says that it will cut a deal with parts supplier spin-off Delphi that will contribute to labor costs at the bankrupt company and could cost GM over $6 billon.

The Wall Street Journal also writes that BroadLogic has proposed a way to increase cable TV network capacity, giving cable an edge in competitoin with phone companies. The technology increases the amount of programming that can be sent over analog cable systems.

The New York Times writes that Northwest Airline plans to recall hundreds of pilots as the number of passengers flying the airline jumps.

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