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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Media Digest 11/9/2006 Reuters, Wall Street Journal, New York Times


According to Reuters, Lenovo, the largest Chinese PC company posted disappointing earnings with a 16% slide in net income.

Reuters writes that Siemens quarter beat forecasts by new orders dropped.

Reuters also writes that Cisco's quarterly profits and sales surpassed Wall St's expectation.

Reuters reports that Microsoft will pay Universal Music for each Zune multimedia player, posing a threat to the iPod economic model.

The New York Times writes that a group of billionaires is trying to buy the Los Angeles Times from The Tribune Company.

The New York Times reports that Nvidia's new chip moves PCs closer to having supercomputer functions.

The New York Times also reports that profits were up at News Corporation fueled by Fox and its cable properties.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Morgan Stanley Investments is putting additional pressure on The New York Times Company to move to one class of shares which would break the founding family's hold on the company.

Douglas A. McIntyer

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