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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Quick Analysis On Microsoft's Mobile Market (MSFT)

By Yaser Anwar, CSC of Equity Investment Ideas

A reader asked me a question pertaining to recent MSFT progress in the mobile market field. Luckily I had discussed this topic over at Michael Parekh's blog, so I've just copy pasted that analysis (sorry MP!)

MSFT seems to be inking lots of deals in the mobile sector. Other than Vodafone, MSFT has also linked up with Orange, another british telecom, even Palm is relying on former rival Microsoft to help it try to regain the dominance it once had.

Back in 03, RealNetworks had fought off arch rival Microsoft by winning a deal to supply its video and audio streaming products to Vodafone, seems like the tables are turning.
MSFT has about 18% mobile market share in Europe, about 50+% in Asia, but not so much in NA, which MSFT is trying to get.

But investors need to ask how much of this will matter to the bottom line? Not that much, it's about "Vista". Other than Vista, the only positive for MSFT shareholders is the completion of a $30 billion share buyback program, and a $4 billion modified "Dutch auction" tender offer.

As of September 06, MSFT had some $35 billion in repurchase authorizations available

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