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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Who Will Replace Rollins At Dell? (DELL)(HPQ)(INTC)(MO)

The Vegas odds are that Kevin Rollins will be out as CEO at Dell. It may be a couple of months, but his fate may already be sealed.

The SEC has accelerated its investigation into Dell's accounting practices. The computer company is expected to reports improved results for the last quarter, but filing of financial data will be delayed while the probe goes on.

Dell has also lost the poll position as the largest computer manufacturer to arch-rival Hewlett-Packard.

Michael Dell, the company founder, must now be completely humiliated by what has happened to his company's reputation and position as one of the premier companies in the US.

If Rollins goes, who gets the job?

1. Michael Dell. The company's founder, he was CEO before Rollins. He may not want to make the time commitment to the several years it will take to get Dell back on top. He does not need the money.

2. Michael Miles. The former CEO of Philip Morris and a Dell board member. Tremendous experience in consumer marketing. Due to his age, a short-term prospect.

3. Todd Bradley. Bradley is the head of HP's personal systems group which includes PCs and technical work stations.

4. William Amelio. Amelio is a former Dell executive who is now CEO of Chinese PC giant Lenovo which tool over the PC operations of IBM.

5. Sean Maloney. Head of sales and marketing at Intel. He has an engineering and marketing background and in his current position works with every major PC and server manufacturer in the world.

Rollins is out. Count on it.

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